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Tia has a masters degree from Naropa University in Somatic Counseling Psychology, with a concentration in Body Psychotherapy. Her bachelors degree, from Colorado State University, is in Human Development and Family Studies, with a minor in Philosophy: Religious Studies. Tia has also been trained through the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute to resolve the physiological elements of trauma. 

In the field since 1992, she has decades of clinical experience in individual and group facilitation, education, and psychotherapy with children, adolescents and adults and has been in private practice since 2003. Currently, she focuses on working with individual adults, but will agree to work with a child through attending to the primary caregiviers in the child's life. Tia's client base is routinely comprised of an equal percentage of men and women. Her work includes strength-based counseling theories, solution-focused therapy, and motivational interviewing. 


When you begin to work with Tia over a series of sessions, she will have you state what you want. Care will be taken to find the exact words to form a series of affirmative statements, which will then lay the groundwork for treatment. The map (how to get there) remains open and fluid, but the intentions and healing container remain clear and supportive.

Within a clinical container, Tia is naturally somatically intuitive, can feel and see the energy of the body and allow herself to be guided as to what is wanting to happen in a client's energetic field. She is also able to communicate directly with physical aspects of the body. And, with a refined intuition and clairvoyance, Tia is able to attend holographically to clients at multiple levels simultaneously, accessing past, present and future, as well as levels of association within the present moment. She is able to dance within various levels of consciousness, sometimes addressing the client in the present moment, sometimes addressing the client at a prior or future age, sometimes addressing aspects of the physical body directly, sometimes addressing with discernment various forms, guides, angels, ancestors, and/or helpers who have come to support the client. All of this is led by the spiritual paradigm of the client and Tia's overall belief that absolutely all there is is Goodness. All else, such as evil or badness, is simply an inaccurate human perception born from within a belief system of separation and fear.

With a dose of humor and lightness, Tia illuminates previously unilluminated places. And, with the client's sense of safety being paramount, she is able to accompany them into themselves, bravely and compassionately witnessing, exploring, understanding, and healing. Clients will be offered experiencial teachings in order to:

  • practice mindfulness, allowing them to come into relationship with, and more deeply experience and describe, their actual sensations.
  • bear loving witness to how the sensation shifts with conscious open attention and what gifts they offfer..
  • follow the impulses of those sensations in order to allow sequencing, or the completion of an impulse which has been held in the body. 
  • understand that their bodies have always attempted to take care of them, even though many of those ways may no longer be effective and/or necessary.
  • believe that they won't be ready to see or deal with something until they have the skills to manage it, so if something is arising now, the client is ready.
  • show up with intense emotions of all kinds, noticing the story which induces and enhances them, and practicing attending directly to the sensation of the emotions.
  • know that there is always information available, if only that suffering is optional, and that there are always a multitude of creative compassionate options in any given moment of experience.
  • compassionately witness their thoughts, especially the reoccurring ones, which turn in to beliefs over time and are then reinforced by the experiences interpreted through the lens of those beliefs.
  • understand first hand how capable and powerful they really are within their minds and subsequent experiences, which powerfully opens every door of possibility.  

Deeply caring, Tia invites her clients to remember the inherent loving blip of consciousness they are and have always been. Clients learn that every age and aspect of themselves has tried and is trying the best they can. Tia helps identify and communicate with these different aspect of oneself, giving thanks, making peace, and becoming more of a whole, unified, and unconditionally loving self.  She will call you into aliveness.

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