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Thoughts and Invitations

If you are looking for a personal compass for your soul, 
you need only feel into your body.


When you are on track and in the flow, your body feels good. And when you step out into fear, separation, or limitation, your body will not feel good. 

Try it... For the rest of the day, pay attention to how your body feels in relationship to what you are experiencing and thinking. Notice how powerfully your thoughts affect how you feel in your body. Notice how you can choose how to think and choose what you pay attention to in your world. 

While this is true, we live in a time of chronic physical suffering, which is not our fault. Most of us have viruses and other pathogens in our bodies which live predominantly undetected, but which cause numerous neurological and dermatological symptoms. These physical symptoms can be minimized and eventually eliminated with the right information. See www.medicalmedium.com for free information about how to alleviate your suffering and guide toward full physical health. Anthony William, The Medical Medium, also has an incredible series of books that can all be checked out at the library.

You are a powerful being living in a finely tuned instrument. Welcome to the experience of being knowledgable and present! If you would like some support and guidance, I can be there for you.


I invite you to love and trust your body.

Feel yourself breathing and know you have everything you need in this moment. Know that you are guided and never alone. Feel your connectedness with all that Is. 

I invite you to pay attention to what is happening in your body more and more. You can know your true Self deeply by slowing down and feeling into each moment as you experience it through Being in your body.

I invite you to release judgment. Simply observe your thoughts and know they are not You. What you feel when you experience the sensations of life is You. When your jaw hangs open at the sight of an incredible sunset, before any words form, that is You. Pure experience, void of thoughts.. that is You, as you are part of all that Is.

From this place of pure Being, there are no limiting beliefs or fear. There is simply pure joy, fulfillment and peace. Not the idea of it, but the physical feeling of deep, radiating warmth and knowing in your body and soul. All is well.

Journey with me...

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