Thoughts and Invitations

We live in a time of chronic physical suffering, which is not our fault. All of us have toxins, viruses, and other pathogens in our bodies which exist predominantly undetected, but which cause numerous neurological and dermatological symptoms. These physical symptoms can be minimized and eventually eliminated with the right information. See for free information about how to alleviate your suffering and guide toward full physical health. Anthony William, The Medical Medium, also has an incredible series of books that can all be checked out at the library.

Healing is a journey. It can be messy and turbulent. I will support you in continuing to move forward... one day and one meal at a time. Frustrations, flares of strong emotions and desires to give up may occur. Together we will affirm your strength and determination, while identifying your personal support system and other resources. 

You are a powerful being living in a finely tuned instrument. I will encourage you to know your own will through the awareness of your direct experience. You will come to identify a "yes" and "no" as felt and known in your body. I will affirm with you your own personal truth and will. I will honor your personal decisions and your clearly known answers based on all of who you are. Whatever your truth is, I will lift you up within it and encourage you to move in your life in alliance to your own particular needs and desires. I will compassionately remind you who you are within this as you move deeper into yourself. And, I will know with you that love, connection, and acceptance form our basic human needs for survival and for thriving in our own lives.

Our time will be focused on you. My opinions or beliefs on anything matter not. You. Beautiful, unique you. Just as you are. Bring your mess and your order. Bring the perfection of your ever shifting process. The moments will hold us together and I will stay at your side. We will navigate safely, as we lean into your edges and honor your limits. Your are braver and stronger than you know. If your are reading these words, know I am available when you are ready.

Journey with me...

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